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Improve your ROI from SEO, PPC, and marketing

​Build and grow your SaaS companies

Nice to meet you

Hello. My name is Kateryna Yakymenko and I have been working in digital marketing for more than 5 years. My approach is crystal clear and cost-effective, focused on delivering experimented proven strategies. I understand that every step in the marketing funnel is crucial.


With my expertise in SEO you get the perfect blend of affordability, transparency, and results-driven tactics – the ideal solution for elevating your brand in the digital world.​


For the past 2 years, I have worked in a team with my assistan and collaborated with specialists, freelancers, and enterpt, whom I have taught everything I know, effectively creating my clone.

Freelance Consultant
at RNDGen
Head of SEO at
Image Upscaler
Digital Marketing Manager at SEOMonster

Current Positions

I have an extensive network of specialists in various fields, such as developers, writers, content creators, and link builders. This allows me to effectively manage multiple projects simultaneously.

Trusted by Experts

Digital Marketing Services

SEO Marketing

​We ensure our clients' websites are optimized according to the latest SEO trends and Google algorithm updates.

Management Audit

By leveraging advanced analytics and data, we help clients optimize their SEO strategies, ensuring measurable and transparent results.

PPC and Targeting Advertising

I know how to use advertising to drive targeted leads to your site

My Achievements


Expert commentary for

Guest speaker for the Collaborator project on Treasures in Google Search Console

What Our Clients Are Saying

Kateryna is good SEO specialist. We had a progress in our work and we get a traffics on our site. Thank you!

Alex, Owner

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